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IP Camera Solutions

Time Machine Camera Solutions

Cutting edge video technology…
taking your business boldly into the future…
giving you virtual control over space and time…
it’s the…

Take control of your business with a technology so advanced,
it’s like having power over space and time


powered by
Debian Linux

Professional Grade Equipment!
4 Camera Packages to choose from

an advanced video processing system that takes business
success and people management into the next century.

When you choose Carolina Security & Wiring for your video security needs you are getting a lot more and paying a lot less. Every system we install comes with our Free lifetime 24-hour service protection and Free lifetime tech support. If you ever have a camera go bad or a system crash, just call our office and we'll bring you a new camera or new system absolutely free. If you forget how to burn an event to CD or need additional help operating your system, just call our office and we'll walk you through the process absolutely free. Under our lifetime service protection this could be the last camera system you ever install.

See for Yourself!

Actual Robbery Pictures

AVI Video (Windows Media Player Needed)

Gas Pump Goes Up In Flames
AVI Video (Windows Media Player Needed)

for Video Playback

Below is an optional license plate camera design that can be added to any Time Machine system.

license plate camera

license plate camera license plate camera

Video below is actual footage recorded.

Time Machine Remote Software Download (.exe file)

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