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Living alone just got a whole lot safer:
Life Guard Walkie-Talkie
4 Great Packages

Optional Monthly Prices

The freedom of living alone,
the security of 24-hour protection, that's

Life Guard Walkie-Talkie

A hard fall...a sudden medical crisis...these can spell disaster--unless you are able to call for help instantly in your house, in the back yard, or even from the bath or shower. The Life Guard Walkie-Talkie lets you talk to a live operator any time, anywhere in or around your home, for less than 85 cents a day!

Crystal Clear 2-Way Voice... to Central Station

24-hour "Live Help"
We can call the emergency help you need:
Police, Fire, Ambulance, neighbor, or family member...any time, all the time.

The industry's first true two-way, take-anywhere personal safety system, our Life Guard Walkie-Talkie is a powerful, water-resistant radio that can be worn around the neck, or clipped on a belt or wheel chair. You have instant help and the peace of mind that comes from knowing our operators are always there, at the touch of a button!

Go anywhere!

Old style systems just allowed you to talk from a base station inside your house. The Life Guard Walkie-Talkie extends your protection to anywhere in and around your home.

Powerful Upgrades
Our technicians can install an optional emergency lockbox which safely holds a key to your home. In case of an emergency, our operators can give emergency personnel the lockbox code allowing them to unlock your door and reach you quickly.

An optional water-resistant wall mounted emergency button is a perfect addition for the bathroom or beside the bed.

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