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Carolina uses only the best equipment, unlike other companies who may install whatever is cheapest, or on sale that week. We pay the extra price for quality equipment to insure you the most dependable and reliable security system possible.
   The backbone of a Carolina alarm is a GE product: the Award Winning Caddx Networx control system. Voted best security based system in 1999 by the Home Automation Association, this Caddx control offers industry-leading features like one-button arming, remote control, lighting control functions, and operation from any touch-tone phone in the world. When this cutting-edge design was coupled with the robust reliability and dependability we've seen from Caddx for years, we knew without doubt: this is the best security equipment in the business.
We have such confidence in Caddx equipment (and our installation standards) that we provide complete service repair to our systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, free of charge. If you'd like more information on Caddx equipment, our installation practices, or service policy, call or e-mail for a free, no-pressure home demo.

Key Pad


Easy One Button Arming

It's so simple--just press "Exit" and leave, and your system is armed. At night just press "Stay" and the system is armed with your desired motions bypassed.

Touch Keys
Caddx designed the Networx keypad with large, back lit, soft touch keys.
Feel secure with the easy to read lighted display.
You Get all of This!

Easy to operate.
Need Instructions on your current system?
Download them here.

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