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FREE lifetime service repair & FREE lightning damage replacement!
Choose the security system that’s right for you. Choose from 4 great packages.

Hybrid Security Systems

Choose Your Security Package:

Packages can be modified: motions can be exchanged for
glass break detectors, door contacts for window contacts, etc.
Many other equipment upgrades are available at the Upgrades section of our site.

VoiceNav Keypads VoiceNav is an intuitive security interface. VoiceNav delivers the most user friendly experience for controlling your security system. No more mysterious lights or blinking numbers. Its voice prompts enabling even the newest users to utilize the full power of the security system, without the need to reference back to instructions. You can also customise your VoiceNav with personalized recordings of common security descriptions such as user names, zone names, area names, and even room names when using the built-in intercom feature. You can even record a message for the next person entering the premises to hear when they disarm the system, or a reminder message when they are exiting the premises.

Video Hardwire vs Wireless Security

Choose Your Connection:

Alarm Communications Video (The best package for your needs)
Alarm Communications Video

Why should you choose a package above with Fire Protection?
A fire protection system protects you and your family whether you're home and when you're away. Homeowner losses from fire can be catastrophic, taking anything from irreplaceable photos and heirlooms to the entire house. That’s why most insurance companies give you additional discounts on homeowner policies when you have a 24-hour monitored fire system …all that without ever changing a smoke detector battery again!
Smart Phone Why should you choose a system that gives you remote, interactive control?
Now, you can control your alarm from anywhere using your computer, or even a
Smartphone or web access? You can have instant email notice not just of alarm, but know when and who has arrived home, or opened your store. Check your system status, arm or disarm your alarm to let visitors in, and add and remove codes anytime…all from anywhere.
Why should you choose a plan that offers a Wireless Cellular connection?
The preferred connection of pawnshops and jewelry store, a wireless cellular transmitter is fast and most secure method of sending out your alarm signals. Unlike traditional phone lines and wired internet services, Wireless Cellular has no wires to cut, meaning your call always gets out.

Residential cameras

VIDEO: Buddy Camera


Make the Switch YES I wantto make the switch

Click here for an important document:
Your Alarm and Your Phone and what communication
is best for your security

Better Equipment. Better Service. The Better Choice. All Hardwire! All Homerun Pulls!

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