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  • The greatest security ever... Thank you very much I am very pleased now.
    Elizabeth McCullough
  • You had the right equipment and knowledge to make it work. Fast and accurate.
    Norma Diering
  • I tell you that Carolina Security & Wiring, LLC is a very professional company and the security system has made me more secure at home for me and my family. Thank you so much.
    M. Handy
  • Excellent Service!
    Susan Hiatt
    Robert Grill
  • Pete was awesome. He worked hard to get the alarm installed immediately and took after hours calls to teach me the system.
    Ronda Keller
  • Keep up the good work!! We love our new security/alarm system!! Even our 5yr. old daughter reminds me to turn on the alarm - daily.
    M McDowell
  • The staff was extremely knowledgeable and professional. The response to problems and/or questions were very prompt.
    E. Macmillen
  • Our (your) salesman/technician could not have been nicer, clearer or more helpful.
    Carol Barks
  • Great installation. Quality People.
    James Williams
  • Very satisfied w/ service & installation - No Changes.
    Kimberly Dockery
  • Pete & Shane were very professional and efficient in their work. You've got a great team!
    H. Wilson
  • Everything was perfect. Great Job!
    H Contis
  • Pleased to have Carolina Security - serve us.
    A. Jones
  • Thank you for living up to the words "customer service". Excellent Job!
    R. Cathey
  • We are very pleased.
    S. Clapp
  • I have always found the people with Carolina Security most helpful and always very courteous and professional.
    R. Walker
  • Excellent service, very responsive.
    J Ellinger
  • I believe we're fortunate that we haven't had to use you folks. So far so good. We feel safer knowing there's someone available.
    R. Gassmann
  • Your service is excellent and courtesy driven.
    Ken Hart
  • Prompt courtesy and excellent service.
    Walter Joy
  • I feel very secure & safe knowing your company is on the "other end of the phone". Your operators have always been very quick to respond when I "accidentally" set it off. Thank you.
  • Carolina Security & Wiring has a great reputation with law enforcement. It is a reliable system. They know when they are responding to an alarm w/Carolina that there is a problem - it is not a false alarm.
    Sandy Russell, Private Investigator
  • As a person who was intimidated by "modern technology"; I thought I'd never be able to handle this modern system. After 2-3 days, it was a cinch - I had a great teacher!
    P. Grossman
  • We love having the security system. Ken is very responsive and professional.
    Tina Rogers
  • We have mistakenly opened doors while our “Stay” was being utilized and have received calls from you almost immediately. The operator has always been courteous and understanding. Our decision to get security installed with you has been our best investment of the year.
    Holly Frier
  • Very Good! Always on the ball, when we set wrong or walk through beam after setting. We feel very secure at all times, when we are away or at home.
    Kenneth Martin Sr.
  • Excellent response to any needs we have called about.
    C B
  • We have enjoyed and greatly benefited from the services of Carolina Security & Wiring. Their technical expertise, professionalism, and genuine concern for their customers is the best we've ever found. Globally connected and locally owned - The perfect combination!
    Libby & Nick Scandale

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